Toplou Honey Original

As presented in greek mythology, and an essential part of the cretan diet. Our honey is carefully collected by traditional methods keeping the wholesome nutrition properties directly from the beehives. We give you a honey with exceptional quality, a superb bright color and enjoyable mild taste. All natural product, no additives.

Standard Honey “Toplou” 1000gr
Organic Toplou Premium Greek Honey

Toplou Organic Honey

A limited production of high standard organic processing. This honey is collected from the coastal region of the Toplou Monaster in Sitia. In a wild area with thyme and aromatic plants. The combination of soil and microclima gives a unique honey with superior taste.

Toplou Gourmet

Our Gourmet series collects a range of exiting blends. Try our superior honey with cinnamon, orange, hazelnuts, saffron, tahini or vanilla.

Toplou honning gourmet
Toplou Leonardo - Gresk Gourmet Honning nøtter

Toplou Leonardo

Leonardo is a series which goes well to a delicious plate of cheese, crackers, fruit and wine. Choose among thyme honey with walnuts, pistachios, cranberries, goji berries and blueberries.


Toplou Limonchello

Limonchello is a premium honey collected from selected areas where thyme grows in abundance in Sitia and carries the intense scent of thyme and the delicate aroma of cretan nature. A superior quality honey with a golden color and excellent aftertaste.

Toplou Melitage

Honey is a healthy additive in our diet. The wonderful combination of greek thyme and erika gives the Melitage honey antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties with emphasis on the urinary and digestive system. The honey helps the body to cast cholesterol, and is an alternative that works well for children with fever or adults with prostate infection. Honey should not be given to children under 1 year.