Toplou Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The international award-winning conventional extra virgin olive oil is taken from fresh and healthy Koroneiki olives from Sitia, known for the cultivation of some of the Worlds finest olives. Toplou has been a pioneer securing superior quality in the region, and collaborates with local farmers to meet the global demand. The olive oil is characterized by its golden-green color and intricate fresh aromas, produced solely by physical and mechanical methods. Certified PDO and AgroCert. Cold-extraction 750 ml.

Toplou Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Toplou Monastery follows strict guidelines for organic farming and ecological balance on their land, and their extra virgin olive oil is fully organic. No chemical pesticides or artificial additives are used, and they produce their own organic compost by byproducts from the production as fertilizer for the soil. The olives are planted and harvested, and the olive oil are produced and bottled at Toplou Monastery. Certified Bio Hellas, PDO (Protected designation of origin by EU) and AgroCert. Cold-extraction 750 ml.

International Standards

Together with local farmers, they have established an agricultural union, securing superior quality extra virgin olive oil from Crete. The olive oil is cultivated, harvested and bottled in Sitia, and meets the high international standards ISO 9001:2000, HACCP, BRC and IFS.