Toplou Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our international award-winning olive oil, is taken from the Koroneiki olives, cultivated in the mountainous terrains of Sitia in Crete. Harvested and produced solely by physical and mechanical methods, which gives an olive oil of superior quality.

Toplou Honey

We bring forth a long family tradition of sustainable honey production. From the rough Sitia mountains among wild herbs and thyme, we give you a 100 % natural product with an authentic taste.

Organic Toplou Premium Greek Honey
Toplou greek organic wine

Toplou Wine & Spirits

Toplou Monastery has a wine tradition that spans over five centuries. Their wine collection is fully organic and there is no use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers or additives. This year they received 3 recognitions from renowned Decanter. Another speciality is the Cretan spirit Tsikoudia.